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January 10, 2007

Fugo Fuguchi

Now Rinko Kikuchi is just screwing with me:

She's wearing those stupid shoes, AGAIN. This time, thanks to the hose, she looks like she's wearing those little hats you put on rack of lamb on her feet. At any moment, I expect a giant to come along, rip off her left leg, and start gnawing on her toes.

Is it possible that she's using her anklets in place of a handbag, and if we stood real close to her, and looked down into them, we'd see her house keys and a couple of pieces of gum and a credit card and her ID and a few pens that don't work anymore and a tampon and a few lip glosses and some receipts from Chipotle and a shopping list from last week and some matchbooks that she picks up everywhere she goes, not because she smokes, but because she has lots of candles? And if so, what happens to all that stuff if she crosses her legs?

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