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January 19, 2007


It's always awkward when you're looking at a photo of an actress and you wonder, " a) is she pregnant? b) Does it make a difference if she is pregnant?"

The answers, I think, are a) I don't THINK so, but maybe, and b) probably not. There's a lot going wrong here: for one thing, why is everything fastened at the boobal-area? The fur bed jacket (very Alexis Carrington) plus the satin bath towel/bedsheet, both precariously pinned/tied/knotted in the same area, give her some extra girth that you don't want even if you ARE with Binchocette. So there are some weird fit issues -- honestly, it looks like she came straight from a romantic assignation (way to go, Juliette) to the premiere without having time to stop home and change, so she just threw on the admittedly decadent satin sheets (again, way to go), and ran over there. But even if this little number fit perfectly, the color makes her look like said assignation took place at the local hospital, where she's being treated for anemia and possibly being actually made of wax.

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