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January 19, 2007

Fuguary Jones

Congratulations to former Josh Groban flame January Jones, who just won the lead in that hotly anticipated sequel, Newsies II: These Urchins Were Made For Catwalkin', in which a jolly band of depression-era guttersnipes are forced to save the newspaper that employs them as streetcorner vendors by staging an elaborate fashion show -- which, this being the Depression, would be impossible to pay for without first putting on an uplifting song and dance benefit to solicit donations. But since most people didn't have any coin to drop into their coffers, a few intrepid youths start a prostitution ring to wring cash from the seedy for the needy while the remaining ragamuffins begin this merry chain of events by robbing a bank and, rather than keep it, distribute the proceeds very thinly around town so that all the happy donating can start and be a tax write-off.

It's exactly the mix of Robin Hood, Bonnie and Clyde, The Full Monty, Annie, and Les Miserables that we've been needing in our lives. 

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