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January 15, 2007

Rachel FugAdams

In the "Oh, please, sweet merciful Suri, let this be for a role" department, I deeply, deeply hope that Rachel McAdams has done this because she's getting paid to:

Like, say, for a biopic about Courtney Love. Not that she necessarily ever had hair that color -- I'm not really abreast of Courtney's tinting habits -- but because there's something Courtneyish about her face in that photo.

Or, better, maybe she's wearing it that way for a live-action Jem and the Holograms movie in which the titular character and her band of heroes would mend the world's fractured social fabric by performing anthems like "Flowers In My Hair" and "Love Is Doin' It (To Me)" and "(It All) Depends On The Mood (I'm In)" -- whose moving lyrics proclaim, "I can be whoever I want to // Anyone at all // I can strut when I want to strut // Or hide behind a parasol." Then, with the world conquered through song, hopefully Jem would finally sack up and dump Rio for being stupid enough to fall in love with both her and her real-world alter-ego Jerrica because seriously, why does this not bother her? So what if it's actually the same person -- it's still TECHNICALLY cheating and it still TECHNICALLY makes him a jackhole and it therefore TECHNICALLY makes her a bit of a jackhole-enabler.

Anyway, I hope that's it. I suppose maybe she's just trying to be supportive by detracting from Ryan Gosling's mustache, which is ever more evocative of an old-school charlatan peddling his elixir wagon around small-town U.S.A. in the hope of bilking the elderly with a phony anti-aging tonic. But the Jem movie would be an actual important reason to have pink hair. So if that's not it, I suggest she hightail it out to some pitch meetings and make it happen, pronto.

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