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February 20, 2007

Fug Snake Fug

I'm sure actress Amy Lavere is awesome in Black Snake Moan, and hear (thanks to Google) that she is a very talented musician.  So props for that. I was in Glee Club for four years running and never figured out how to read music. I just stood between two loud people and faked it. People who don't have to fake it are impressive.


I kind of see where she's going with this. It's like sort of flapper-y, sort of Christina Aguilera-y, sort of Big Ed's Deep Sea Fishing Emporium, sort of Mike and Al's Hammockateria, sort of Lulu's Dental Floss Palace, sort of Ye Olde Macrame Shoppe.  Yes, yes: I get it. A brave choice, really.

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