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February 11, 2007

New York Fugshion Week: Day 8, The Final Frontier

And we're back! We had a last bit of fun at Tommy Hilfiger -- a show we didn't expect to pan out into anything, but which ended up yielding a semi-fresh crop of people that did not include Alice Cooper, unfortunately -- and did a wrap-up post with some bits and pieces that didn't make it into the other daily stuff, and then we hopped a plane and flew back to warmer climes.

So what did Los Angeles do to welcome us back? Why, it played host to a 12-hour cold, rainy front, with the clouds settling in almost exactly as our flight landed. Granted, it was a brief moment of misery, but we can't ignore the timing -- we're trying not to be offended by that, L.A., but you are on VERY THIN ICE for that little piece of potential symbolism.

With thanks to the folks from New York magazine's online crew, we're now back to our regularly scheduled fuggings.

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