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February 27, 2007

Oscar Post-Party Fug: Jenna Jameson

I know Jenna Jameson is a famed porn star, and therefore we shouldn't anticipate that she would abide by the standards of normalcy applied to much of the rest of the sentient world. But, something's gone awry there. Consider Ms. Jameson at the Big in '06 awards late last year:

Boobalicious, and certainly not all-natural by any stretch of the imagination, but she's still a pretty girl and you can see why she's had such a long and, er, active career.

So we were rather alarmed to see the condition of her face at an Oscar afterparty this past Sunday night.

Whatever doctor did her lip injections gives new meaning to the slam, "Quack." Unless she was actually mauled by a particularly contrary duck that wanted nothing more than to clamp down on her freshly fluffed lips until they froze that way. She also, generally speaking, looks like a particularly large pothole on a ten-mile stretch of rough road, but we can probably attribute that to the rigors of her profession. The most disastrous turn of events seems to be her mouth; apparently she learned nothing from the Jessica Simpson Restylane Debacle, nor the parade of Us Weekly covers that followed (their hobby of late is printing photos of J.Simp looking like an especial quackhead). Come on, Jenna -- hop off the sex-swing, unhook the leg cuffs, put your hip back into joint, pull the mask off your face and at least try leafing through something shallow at a newstand. Or, better, at yourself. It's not good.

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