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February 19, 2007

Patricia Fug

My first thought upon seeing this picture: "Dear GOD, I hope Pat Field is wearing underwear..."

We're thrilled for Pat that she's in fighting shape at her age, but that's really more of a swimsuit cover-up -- or a scarf, or a cat-flap at house of ill-repute, or a tube top crossed with a psychedelic welcome mat and turned into the uniforms at a Harry Morton-funded Pink Taco XXX franchise -- than a dress. When you've hit the point where even Carrie Bradshaw would draw the line, you're in trouble. At the very least, Pat, chug some Diet Coke and turn on Passions when you start to get bored with your dressmaking so that you can stay awake, and don't give up weaving right where your crotch needs it most. Be there for your ladypocket; it's been there for you.

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