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March 29, 2007

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I had to actually double check the date on this picture to make sure that it wasn't from Those Dark Days when Christina was running around with the ass cut out of her chaps.  It's so sad to see someone who's been looking so awesome lately slide back into the world of tan-colored pantyhose:

There's GOT to be a reasonable explanation for this, right? Like...she was just on a long, long flight, and these are compression hose designed to prevent her from having a  deep vein thrombosis.  Or she's on her way to the ice skating rink to practice her long program, and the hose keep her legs warm, while that bra acts as an air bag if she falls on her face. Or she and Jordan had a bet and she lost it, which would also explain why she looks so cranky. Let's just decide that's it. 

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