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March 12, 2007

Beloved Friends,

It is with throbbing arms that I thank you for all your support of Go Fug Yourself, which -- thanks to snuggly little nuggets like yourselves -- has won 2007 Bloggies for Best Entertainment Weblog and Most Humorous Weblog. Heather and Jessica weren't actually at SXSW in Austin for the announcement, but they decided to live today as if they were, mainlining margaritas from about 8 a.m. onward and then trying to hold a panel discussion called, "Why Steve Madden Shoes Don't Seem To Fit As Well Anymore, And Also, Yay Blogging." Then I clasped their hands, got down on one knee, and whispered the sweet words they'd longed to hear: "You should really eat some guacamole." And it was while they were delicately, sweetly shoveling that divine green goo into their mouths that we found out our happy news. I am so grateful for your votes, which brought such joy to GFY HQ that I dare say a wee tear squeaked out of my ducts before I dispensed hugs all around. The mailman acted surprised, but he went with it, bless his cuddly heart.

With a caring fist-pump to the sky and a hug in my soul,

Your George

P.S. The link is working now. I was just too overcome to focus properly before -- Heather and Jessica had just given me a raise by upping my daily back-rub quota to two! I've been begging them to let me provide more for them, so the news made me positively giddy.

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