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March 23, 2007

Fug Design

I don't know how she manages it, but every week, Top Design judge Kelly Wearstler manages to out-fug herself. Even the Bravo Web site features her photo with the caption, "What's she wearing now?" And that's often what I say to myself when I'm watching the show, except with a lot more expletives, gleeful cackling, and a touch of evil Mr. Burns-esque finger drumming.

This week, during the episode in which the designers try to piece together a chef's room for guest judge Tom Colicchio -- whose presence was a painful reminder that I wish I had been watching Top Chef instead -- La Wearst actually took my breath away, and not in a wonderful way. The screen cap won't do it justice, but here's a peek at her glories.

[Pic from BravoTV.com]

Dare I say she puts the "worst" in "Wearstler"? I dare. Oh, do I dare. It's not that I'm super enamored of Jonathan Adler's sockless charms, although I do find him totally delightful as a person/character. But seriously, just LOOK at the lass in the middle! Behold the wonder of that pseudo perm, the ultimate light-socket coiffure! And the puffed sleeves! Whenever there was a close-up of her (why did I delete the episode before snapping a series of pics? WHY?) she and her crimson mouth looked like a wicked stepsister kicking ashes in Cinderella's face, or a bitter Victorian spinster who was systematically locking up the town's nubile lasses in her subterranean chamber of horrors in an attempt to scare the improper impulses out of them.

I can only pray that next week she descends upon the judging panel in an enormous muumuu and a mohawk.

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