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March 12, 2007

Fug's Next Top Model

An Imagined Tableau, Starring Grey's Anatomy Star Isaiah Washington, Fresh from Rageaholic Rehab, and Danielle "Dani" Evans, Past Winner of America's Next Top Model:

ISAIAH: I confess, I'm a bit nervous. I don't have a great track record at awards shows.

DANI/IELLE: You don't win?

ISAIAH: Well, that too. Mostly, I just have the habit of saying the wrong thing.

DANI/IELLE: I have the habit of WEARING the wrong thing. I mean, look at this. I look like a cocktail waitress at a futuristic-themed Vegas casino in 1971.

ISAIAH: You have the legs for it.

DANI/IELLE: Don't add sexual harassment to your list of problems, dude. Let's be honest: I look like I'm wearing the new version of The Infinite Dress, The Infinite Shorts.

ISAIAH:...you have a point. Also, I imagine Tyra would want to see more neck, and also would advise you to create some wind in your hair right about now.


ISAIAH: What? They show a lot of Top Model in Rage Rehab. It's soothing, and I believe it's also teaching me a lot about gay culture so I can better understand my homosexual coworkers and not call them names. I've also gained some important knowledge about not having dead eyes.

DANI/IELLE: Um....You know what? Let's just present this award.

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