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March 01, 2007

Oscar Fug Carpet: Well Played, Rinko Kikuchi

I admit, I was hoping that Rinko Kikuchi would show up to the Oscars wearing something crazy -- a dress made entirely of bubble wrap, maybe, or couture legwarmers, or a turban. I wasn't alone. On the E! preshow, they ran a crawl along the bottom of the screen featuring text messages that viewers had sent in. Typically, they said things like, "Jennifer Hudson RULES! -- Sarah in Chicago," or "Where's Rachel McAdams?!?! - McGosling Lover in Houston" or "Ryan Seacrest is so HOT -- Ryan in Los Angeles." But one message caught my eye in particular. It said, "Wear something crazy for us, Rinko!" (Sadly, I did not catch the name of the sender. If you're out there: well played, sender.) And yet, I can't say I'm disappointed with Rinko's lack of Oscar crazy:

Because she looks awesome. This is what I imagine Chanel couture SHOULD look like, when I am imagining having the kind of money it takes to buy Chanel couture. I don't want to spend my bazillions on ankle spats. I want to spend them on something like this: exquisitely fitted, chic, a little sparkly, and very glam. And yet I hope this is not the last we'll see of Rinko Kikuchi. For one thing, her name is cool. For another, I suspect she has not worn the last of her out-there outfits.

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