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March 13, 2007

Well Played, Sandra Bullock

I'm always very happy to see Sandra Bullock looking good. Ever since she married burly, tattooed Jesse James, I've been rooting for those two crazy kids to make it because she seems quite charming and fun and he's probably a complete closet softie and they just look very happy. I once saw them at an L.A. Kings game -- sitting next to Kid Rock and some buxom blonde who looked like his younger, and more plastic, replacement for Pamela Anderson -- and she and Jesse seemed so sweet together. Plus, Sandra was really attentive to the two kids in the front who got beaned in the noggins by a stray puck. They ended up fine, perhaps in part because Kid Rock brought them a red ice bag three times the size of their heads, and in ten years will probably be horrified that a hot older lady like Sandra Bullock saw them sobbing. Maybe they'll sell their stories as a TV movie. Maybe this puck clocking them in the heads will send them on two very dramatic, divergent paths, and only Sandra Bullock can bring them back from their respective brinks of self-destruction. Maybe she'll play herself.

And then they'll have a fantastic premiere bash where the real-life kids will tearfully thank her for changing their lives and Kid Rock will bring them a box of Kleenex that's ten times larger than their hands can hold, and Sandra will show up on the red carpet looking as fantastic as she does here:

She looks fab here at the Premonition premiere. It's a gorgeous color on her, the makeup works, and I even like the sexy-sloppy updo. In fact, there's really nothing amusing to say about it, so I have to lean on the totally hacky, terrible quip.

Are you ready? Here goes: "Evidently, Sandra Bullock had a premonition that we would love this dress."

Sigh. Now I have to go wash that off.

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