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April 27, 2007

Billboard Latin Music Awards Fug Carpet: Jullye Giliberti

If IMDb is to be believed, Jullye Giliberti has appeared in several telenovelas, all of which seemed to have involved priests, secret weddings, coincidental liasions with relatives of former lovers, and -- I hope -- people getting slapped. Which is why I really wish I'd taken Spanish in high school instead of French. If the school had told me that Spanish would have increased the number of soaps I could watch, I totally would have signed up. 

At any rate, it seems that no one told Jullye that there IS such a thing as Being Too Coordinated:

That is a LOT of aqua.  Unless she's attending A Salute To Miami Vice (an event I would completely support, by the way) we've got a problem.

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