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April 26, 2007

Fugily Deschfugnel

Emily Deschanel needs to fire her people.

It's not the dress -- although there's something so very twee about it, to the point where I half expect there to be a mini-Deschanel, or even a puppy Deschanel, that trots out in a matching ensemble.

No, as usual, my main problem with Emily Deschanel's getup is her makeup. Somehow, whoever does her eyes -- maybe it's her, maybe it's a three-year old, maybe she's an equal-opportunity employer who hired a blind makeup artist -- always manages to make it look smudged, as if she's still wearing yesterday's mascara even though half of it has taken up residence under her lower lash line.

This is new bad, though. Weird bad.

She just looks tired. Her eyes are a pretty, icy color, and whatever stuff's been caked around them just gives them a red-rimmed, slitty, rubbed-raw appearance, like maybe she hasn't slept in four days because of the beer IV she's had jammed in her arm. And as much as we'd all like to borrow that contraption from her (although in my case I'd fill it alternately with Diet Coke and chocolate martinis), I suspect she just needs some of that nice Clinique creamy eye-makeup remover and some cotton pads, and she'd look like a different person. Like, say, an awake, alert person who didn't accidentally try to strip off her eyeliner with some astringent.

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