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April 04, 2007


I've come to the conclusion that maybe Chloe Sevigny isn't wearing this sort of thing to be ironic, after all. I used to think she was like those young dudes who consciously and carefully grow handlebar mustaches, because nothing is sexier than being ironic all over your own face. And this irked me. After a certain age, looking ugly on purpose to prove that you're too cool to care is just sad. But now I actually suspect that C. Sev seriously might just totally dig the 80s:

If that is the case, I must salute her commitment to the cause. It takes a real fan to tackle both shiny chintz and puffy sleeves with such enthusiasm. And if that is the reason behind this recreation of a dress Dynasty's Fallon Carrington might have worn to some oil-related function that she would have then snuck out of to try to seduce her step-mother's tennis coach, then I have to try my best to understand. And likewise wonder what else this love of the 80s hath wrought in Chloe's life: Does she spend an inordinate amount of time on eBay, tracking down cases of New Coke, only to give up periodically and just drive out to the one place in the state that still sells Tab? Does she have a Mon Chi Chi next to her bed, and does she sing the Mon Chi Chi song to it every morning when she wakes up underneath her Strawberry Shortcake duvet? Does the very existence of Cool Ranch Doritos thrill her to the bone, and does she try and sneak them into matinĂ©e showings of The Goonies?  Is she pretty sure that she's going to marry Michael J. Fox? Because if so...I will maybe let this pass. A passionate crush on Michael J. Fox leaves you very little time to really concentrate on what you're wearing, which also excuses those stirrup pants I had in 6th grade.

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