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May 03, 2007

The Fug Damn Fug

The Avril Lavigne World Boredom Tour continues, as the -- what does she call herself in that one terrible but sort of evilly catchy song? The "motherf%^##%ing princess"? Okay, then. -- as the mother%^$&#$ princess hits China. Tell me, would you buy anything from this girl?

"Whatever, China.  I'm sleeping with my eyes open right now."

Or this one:

"I can't believe they're making me do this press tour. I am boiling over with resentment right now, and not in the cool punk way. In the Bratty Star Doesn't Want to Fulfill Her Professional Obligations way."

Or this one?

"I wish this microphone were a remote control."

Seriously. She looks....like Avril Lavigne, all expensive shoes and a hoodie from Forever 21 and that's fine and sort of a non-issue, since this is all clearly version 2.0 of the tie she used to wear and I'm sure her record label wants her to maintain some kind of Cleaned Up Faux Punk Kinda Bad Girl Who's Secretly Probably Still a Virgin sort of image (despite the fact that she's married now). But, JEEZ, kid. Look alive! I'm pretty sure they're not making you take out a dolly and personally deliver every crate of albums you've sold before each press conference, so buck up and smile for once.

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