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May 08, 2007

Met Costume Institute Ball Partial Fug: Rosario and Cameron

I guess singledom is the new black -- it's been flattering on just about everyone in Hollywood lately. Well, except for La Lohan, but these days, nothing is going to work too well for her -- except perhaps being locked in Dr. Phil's house for a month, at which point she will become so hypnotized by his braying voice and disapproving mustache that she'll stop putting things up her nose and learn to love her liver for a little while, and then go on a Very Special Oprah in which she weeps about how the Winfrey Empire has saved her life while Oprah sheds a tear and then brings Rachael Ray on to cook some Recovery Cheesecake. So come on, Terrifying Life Experts (and Rachael): We're counting on you.

Back to the matter at hand: Hot single people. When Rosario Dawson was with Jason Lewis, she went through a phase of unfortunate bangs and frequently looking a little unshowered, not to mention that she paraded around in a lot of ill-fitting clothes.

So while I'm sure it was a tough breakup, I'm pleased to see her coming out of it looking generally much better.

The skin is great, her bangs have grown in nicely, and I'd like to buy her shoulders.

Unfortunately for her, she chose a great color on a really boring dress -- and while we'll take boring over, say, giant cut-outs over the ass in the shape of the Oakland Raiders logo, poor ol' Rosario had the misfortune of stepping into this thing on a night when Cameron Diaz did it better. While I have nothing against Rosario (except perhaps the movie Rent, but that wasn't really her fault; people, grow up and pay your freaking rent and stop whining), I think you'll agree that Cam took this concept from average to totally awesome.

Now that is a gorgeous, creative, and flattering fuschia dress. Sweet God, that is well played. She even nailed the accessories -- I don't usually love that much chunky turquoise, but it's a completely unusual choice with this dress and somehow she completely pulls it off without any of it overshadowing the other. I MIGHT wish she'd get her hair out of her face, but overall, Cam is finally taking the If You Want To Leave My Hot Ass So You Can Nail Groupies And Starlets And Give Obnoxious Whiny Interviews, Then FINE, GO RIGHT AHEAD, Sucker tour very seriously. It started out rough during awards season, when she paraded around as a series of unkempt booze-cruise brides, but the girl is finally coming up roses.

And call me crazy, but I feel like you could glide down a runway on this thing, dramatically rip off all but the top layer of ruffle on the skirt, and still have a gorgeous cocktail dress. Which might be a tad Barbie, but a) I only had one when I was little, so it's not borne of any strange obsession on my part, and b) would be a fantastic way to draw attention to yourself if you walk in and your ex is staring down the cleavage of some new young actress. It beats a dance-off, for sure.

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