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May 09, 2007

Met Costume Institute Ball Fug: Ellen Barkin

Ellen Barkin, you sexy bitch, what happened?

By matching your ensemble to the red carpet so exactly, you've become a kind of Floating, Smoky-Eyed Head, much like Adrian Zmed was when he appeared on Passions as...um, a floating head. He could foretell the future, though, and as far as I know, that's not part of your skill set. Which is a shame. Could you foretell the future, I imagine that you would have foreseen that I would find this a sort of tragically wrinkled and moderately unflattering choice for you, and that I would bemoan what a shame it was, because you usually look super-hot while still being age-appropriate. You also would have known that at some point, I would mention the rumors that you hooked up with Intern George, and that he would give a stern "NO COMMENT" from deep inside the supply closet, where he is currently color-coordinating our Post-Its. Finally, if you could tell the future, you would have known that while trains on coats are most daring in a sort of Maitre D' On Crack kind of fashion, they can be dangerous indeed at an event as crowded as this one. Also, maybe you could tell me if How I Met Your Mother is going to get renewed, because I really want to know.  I mean, if you had that kind of ability. Which you clearly do not.

It's really a shame all around.

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