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May 18, 2007

Shanghai Fuggy

If you'd asked me to show up at a photocall for my new movie, I would have assumed that a) hell had frozen over, b) you were totally drunk off your tree, and c) I should wear clothes.

But I don't have Bai Ling's vision and moxie.

Only Bai Ling could get away with being this naked and insane for a professional event. Oh, sure, she's wearing a "shirt" --  a repurposed cape stolen from Personality #7's last boyfriend, a dark marauder who wore it while slithering through the streets pillaging blood from the necks of any innocents in his path. And we're fairly sure that in her world, those drawstring leg warmers are "pants," even though they only cover 30 percent of each leg and their primary function in life appears to have been acting as a Christmas gift bag for wine bottles. But, see, that's her vision, and it takes moxie, or a hell of a lot of hallucinogenic drugs. Still, it can't be denied. When she shows up and says, "Today I am a spy impersonating Santa's Krav Maga teacher, and I want to hump a picture of myself," the world has no choice but to listen and let The Crazy romp free.

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