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May 10, 2007

Well Played: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has heard it from us in the past. But she has been hitting it out of the park this week,  with the exception of her tragical braided romper. Maybe she's just got better taste as a blonde? Or maybe the Justin Timberlake break-up fueled rage has finally faded and she's seeing clearly now, and what she sees is that there is no better way to stick it to your ex than showing up somewhere you know he's going to be, totally rocking your hot legs, looking generally like since he's been gone, you can breathe for the first time.

I just love this. I love the color, I love the pockets, I love how slim it is through the shoulders while still being very flattering in the bustral arena. I love her shiny, slightly slutty shoes (and I mean that in the best way possible -- moderately trashy yet expensive shoes are the best way to keep something this sweet from being too terribly saccharine). It's perfect for a daytime premiere, because she doesn't look like she's trying too hard but she's also avoided looking like she doesn't give a shit. Basically, I am longing for someone to knock this frock off so I can buy it in red and black and grey and blue and white. Like, immediately.

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