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June 06, 2007

Casey Fugfleck

"Look, Jann Carl, just say it, okay? What are you waiting for? You've already asked if meringues are my favorite candy. You've already said you have a sudden craving for a cone of vanilla soft-serve. You've asked if I've lost any bets recently, if I blacked out this morning for any period of time, if I've heard any "scoop" about more Mad Max movies, and if Ben's too busy being a father to sit me down for a long chat. I know what you're thinking, Jann. So why don't you just GET TO THE POINT? Just say it -- just SAY IT ALREADY: YOU THINK I SHOULD GIVE UP SUGAR. Man. Next time, just SPIT IT OUT, please, so I can go inside and CRY INTO MY JUNIOR MINTS. Thanks." 

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