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June 04, 2007


So, I was reading Entertainment Weekly this weekend, as you do, and they had an interview with Katherine Heigl in which she discussed all the parts she almost got before she landed her role on Grey's Anatomy. And one of them was as "Michael Vartan's evil wife on Alias."  (I always like to hear about what parts actors were considered for, and who eventually got the role, and how it would have worked out the other way. I just think it's interesting. Is there a book about that? I'm sure there is. But if not, one of you should write one. Thanks!) And Heigl herself said that if she'd gotten the role of Evil Crazy Lauren Vaughn, she never would have been able to do Grey's blah blah blah everything works out for the best.  With which I must agree. Because, if you believe in that whole The Flap Of One Butterfly's Wings In Zanzibar Affects The Amount Of Lampshades On Sale At Target in Culver City idea, then had Katherine Heigl gotten that part on Alias, maybe she would have been the one wearing these seriously heinous (and surely very pricey) shoes with a wrinkly, puffy-sleeved pillowcase, rather than poor afflicted Melissa George:

She really did dodge a bullet there.

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