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June 26, 2007

Harry Fugter and the Order of the Phoefug

EVANNA LYNCH: Oy, Rupert -- thanks so much for the pants and shoes! You're a peach. It's my first movie, and without you to loan me the proper clothes, I'd have had no idea what to wear in the photos. 

RUPERT GRINT: Don't worry about it, I've got plenty of ratty things you can borrow. The key is to look as grubby as possible, yeah? That way women want to hug you and take you home and clean you up.

EMMA WATSON: I look the best! I look the best!

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: God, this is uncomfortable. How am I supposed to smile with all this itchy cotton on? How am I supposed to show off my pelvic bone, then?

KATIE LEUNG: Bjork's new line of tights and matching shoes is SO GOOD. Seriously, Evanna, you should look into it.

EVANNA: No, Rupert told me I should look like a street urchin. Just because you were in the last movie doesn't mean you know as much as he does.

KATIE: At least I brushed my hair.

DANIEL: I mean, Harry's getting older -- isn't it about time we saw more of his manliness?

EVANNA: At least I'm not wearing a glorified drawstring sack, KATIE.

EMMA: No, seriously, you guys, pay attention to me -- I actually look the best of everyone! This is FANTASTIC! I DID IT!

RUPERT: Come on, ladies, don't you all just want to run your fingers through my messy hair and wash my clothes? Admit it.

DANIEL: I wish they'd take my clothes. They really get in the way of promoting your acting roles.

KATIE: Really? Because I actually have a whole second outfit hidden underneath my skirt.

DANIEL: Don't these people want to create buzz? Look, Evanna's dressed like the Artful Dodger. Maybe she can STEAL my clothes.

EMMA: Oh, shut up, Daniel. We're tired of hearing about that thing with the horse.

DANIEL: All I'm saying is, this suit MIGHT be rigged so that if you pull it in the right spot, it all drops off me.

EMMA: No thanks. Everyone already thinks we all fancy the pants off each other. I'm not giving them any picture evidence. Now shut up and smile.


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