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June 08, 2007

Random Fug

Okay, true confession: There is one very specific time in which I might be caught with a dress on over pants. See, sometimes, when I go shopping, I quite pathetically realize I forgot to wear shoes that would be easy to kick off -- ergo, in the sweet, warm cocoon of a store's dressing room, I will often decide I'm too lazy to bother removing my shoes and jeans unless the dress fits my top half and appears to be worth a proper look.

However, and this is important, I will never actually exit the dressing room that way.

And while stage actress Lauren Pritchard was correct to assume this dress didn't merit a proper pantsless look, she presumably only did so because she fell into that other trap: thinking it worked just fine as a shirt because it matched her Vans.

I think we've officially reached the phase where these things should come with warning labels. We are at DressCon 1.

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