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June 29, 2007


Peter Saaaaaaaaaarsgaaaaaaaaaaaurd is clearly thinking, "don't ask me about what she's wearing. Don't asking me about what she's wearing. Don't ask me about what she's wearing. God, I hate standing here. Are my pants a hair too short?"

Maggie, Maggie. Leaving aside the issue that your dress is sporting a mock turtleneck(!) and seems straight out of one of those Lifetime movies from the 80s where Meredith Baxter Birney fights sexual harassment in a series of outfits with floppy little lady-ties, what's with the hair? I get that it's probably hot in New York right now, but must you schlep out of the house to these things looking like you just jumped out of the shower and are running down to the Post Office before it closes? You know, even when you don't look actively unhappy, you generally seem so brimming with disdain for these sorts of events. If you hate gussying up and attending things, here's a suggestion: don't. And if you have to go to them for work, maybe pretend you don't hate every single second of it, just so people don't think you're sort of a cranky sourpuss. It's called ACTING, and you're usually much, much better at it.

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