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June 28, 2007

The Fuggice

From a distance, I thought the lovely Angela Kinsey was taking this break from her staid Office character to show a little leg with a miniskirt. And I thought to myself, "Well, the shiny shirt fabric seems kind of casual with that skirt, and the lengths don't go together at all. Which is too bad, because she is so pretty and happy. I wonder what went wrong."

I should have known. What always goes wrong?

It's not a miniskirt. It's formal shorts. It's always friggin' formal shorts. Does your head hurt? It's formal shorts. Got acid reflux? You'll need Pepcid F.S., because it's formal shorts. Wondering why On The Lot sucks so very hard? Yep: Formal shorts. And the host. And roughly 90 percent of the contestants. But we suspect formal shorts are somehow, nefariously, behind the whole nightmare.

So Angela Kinsey had better take one for the Office team and burn those suckers before they do some real damage.

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