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June 01, 2007

The Simple Fug

I know, I know,  I'm supposed to be spending most of my time concerned about how skinny Nicole Richie is again, and I promise you, I AM.  Just today, in fact, I poured out some McDonald's special sauce for her.  That being said, I must admit that -- her serious inability to drive  and concerns about her scrawny little bod aside -- I find Nicole rather amusing. As we've mentioned before, her "novel," The Truth About Diamonds is kind of awesome and totally mean, and, while sister has hardcore problems, she would probably be the most entertaining of the Paris/Lindsay/Mischa/Nicole klatch to be stuck in an elevator with, as long as you didn't mind reading about how functionally retarded you are in her next novel, Lies About Sapphires.

However, while her hair extensions look good again, I am pretty sure I last saw those heinous glasses gathering dust on the rack at the BP station between Los Angeles and Fresno in 1987.

*Please note: I feel that I need to clarify the "82 pound" option, as I've received some emails indicating that I wasn't clear enough in writing the poll, and I can't edit the poll and blah blah technical blah.  What I was going for was, "Wow, when an outfit kind of requires that you be super, incredibly weensy to pull it off,  it's going to be MAD TROUBLESOME to the rest of us: HIGH-WAISTED SHORTS AND BODYSUITS: DON'T DO IT!"  Not, "let's all go on a diet!" I would never tell you to go on a diet. Have you seen yourself? You're spectacular.

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