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June 07, 2007

Fuggie Bell

This dress definitely makes socialite Byrdie Bell look tall.

And her DNA makes her look like she has a movie role ahead of her as the younger sister to Amanda Peet and Evangeline Lilly. Now that Studio 60 has gone to the big network in the sky -- where it will probably likewise get cancelled down to purgatory -- maybe Peet and Bell can hook themselves up with a Lost flash-forward in which it's revealed that Kate had two sisters in a DIFFERENT Dharma hatch somewhere the Caribbean.

But, that's neither here nor there, unless you are hankering for a pun about how the dress makes Byrdie's boobs look... wait for it... lost.

Seriously, don't they look weird? Squished. Almost pellety. Like oversized horse pills laid side by side on some fabric. Shouldn't a good gown -- like a good man -- support, fluff, and flatter, rather than totally bumming you out and making you wonder where your youth went?

Maybe if this had been the back of the dress, it would've worked.  As is, though, they apparently need to go to couples therapy together.

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