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June 04, 2007

MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Heidi from The Hills and Amanda Bynes

At the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, we saw a few egregious changes that we would do well to investigate. To that end, let's play a fun game called BEFORE AND AFTER, the rules of which I would happily explain, except I think they're pretty obvious.

We'll begin with Heidi Montag of The Hills. My disdain for Heidi's douchey boyfriend Spencer has been well-illustrated, and you can imagine what a great idea I think their "engagement" is. But, hey, who DOESN'T have an ill-advised first marriage in her past? Just get it out of the way, Heidi. Then you can arrange for MTV to create a reality show called Getting Over Spencer Pratt, a Bachelorette meets Flava of Love type show in which other Hollywood scensters compete to be your next husband. It will be hilarious!

Anyhoodle, in case you don't watch as much of The Hills as I do, this is what Heidi used to look like:

And this is what she looks now, a year later:

New fiance, new nose, new boobs, new lingerie-inspired wardrobe. Now, while I get that the girl wants to show off her investment -- and her new breasts ARE sort of mesmerizing -- I am pretty sure that she's ACTUALLY wearing lingerie. Like, not lingerie-inspired. Lingerie-lingerie. Wow:  the more you type the word "lingerie," the weirder it looks.

Anyway, I just hate the idea that, in one short year, the kid went from being sort of fresh-faced and natural looking to...you know, wearing lingerie as a dress. I blame Spencer.

I also blame Spencer for Amanda Bynes's new look.  I doubt the two of them have actually met, but I am sure he is somehow to blame. Behold, the new Amanda:

I mean, don't get me wrong. She's still very cute. But she's sort of....generic Hollywood looking here. And there's been a big change in her look from a year ago:

Same cute figure, new blonde hair, crazy-more tan. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with sexing it up for the VMAs,  isn't the Blonde Extensions Super Tan Giant Diamond Choker look awfully obvious, in a mildly Old Britney kind of way? I always thought Ms Bynes was less likely to go for the whole Anonymous Starlet look. But I have certainly been wrong before.

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