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June 15, 2007

Well Played... gulp... Chloe Sevigny

I think playing buttoned-up Nicki on Big Love -- she of the high-necked blouses, frumpy skirts, and patronizing smile -- might have been just what the  doctor ordered for Chloe Sevigny, Duchess of Fugville.

See, the less naked she is on TV and the more repressed and wound-up her character gets, the more she wants to knock your socks into next month's laundry pile when she shows up on a red carpet. 

She just looks so good here. That color works really well with her skin, the shoes ought to be sitting in my closet, her hair is simple but sexy, and she even managed to make an otherwise clashing pink croc clutch (which, seriously, why is that not ALSO in my closet?) work with the bright orange by throwing in a funky bracelet that plays off both shades. Why can't she do this more often? Maybe the fake love of a good man and his two other wives were all Chloe needed to wash off the evils of The Brown Bunny and all the sour-faced insanity that came before and after it.

Not that I'm suggesting polygamy can cure your fashion problems; merely that it takes something VERY unusual to cure you of the taint of Vincent Gallo's t'aint.

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