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July 30, 2007

Fug Allen

I was talking about The Bourne Ultimatum recently, and promptly had a dream that night about Joan Allen. In it, she appeared at my front door and I acted like I had been expecting to see her, and she proceeded to sit me down, give me a cupcake, and then yell at me for not getting a pedicure recently enough for her taste. Then she had a Diet Coke.

Fortunately for her, she was not wearing this outfit in the dream, or I would have had to point out to her VERY sternly that she is way too lovely a lady to be wearing clothes that the owner of Forever 21 has tacked up onto his wall next to a photo of him counting his money and a sign that says, "SUCKERS!" And then she might not have let me eat the cupcake. And I have to say, the cupcake was REALLY good. And I do need a pedicure. AND Diet Coke is awesome. So maybe Dream Joan Allen is all-around a lot wiser than the real one. I hope she comes back tonight with something in the red-velvet cake family.

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