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July 20, 2007

Fug from Cincinnati

Apparently, this is the week on GFY when I comment on people's hair more than usual, which is kind of like the time on Sprockets when we dance except without a body stocking.

And so I present to you: Reason No. 48 Why Dylan McKay Is The Only Person Who Should Be Wearing Dylan McKay's Hair.

This is Austin Nichols in a TV promo for John From Cincinnati -- on which, ironically, he co-stars with his apparent hair model, Luke Perry.

I can see the appeal of putting on your surf-culture-based show a main character whose hair crests like a mighty breaking wave, and I can certainly see the appeal of wanting to look like everybody's favorite brooding rebel with a heart of gold, or at least, finest gold plate.

But this is, to me, a clear-cut case of Way Too Much On Top. Allow me to demonstrate. By a very unscientific combination of Photoshop and holding a ruler up to my computer screen, I have come up with the following:

When the combined acreage of your forehead and your coif exceeds that of the rest of your face -- and you are NOT the rich, husky-voiced, occasionally drug-addled, often girl-addled, and totally fictional son of a con man who may or may not have blown up and who induced you to sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" in a screamingly off-key wail -- then methinks it's time for a trim.

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