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July 13, 2007

Fug the Ad: General Hospital: Night Shift: Could I Have More Colons In This Headline?

I have not yet watched General Hospital: Night Shift, the GH spin-off that's currently airing on SOAPnet, although sources tell me that Billy Dee Williams is on it! This is exciting to me for reasons I can't quite pinpoint -- maybe I have unresolved Lando Calrissian issues? At any rate, I feel like I don't watch General Hospital very often, but of course I am aware that it features or has featured BOTH Luke and Laura  AND Dr. Rick Springfield, and every time I read a synopsis of something that's happened in the last five years, I find myself thinking, "oh, I totally remember when that happened to Carly!" In other words, GH watchers, I get where you're coming from, I salute you, and I suspect I may have a televisual version of that thing people get where they eat in their sleep, except I'm watching soap operas. Anyway, I hear from reliable sources that GH:NS is sort of entertaining, but what I want to know is why no one realized that they accidentally replaced Kimberly McCullough, who plays Dr. Robin Scorpio (who, Wikipedia tells me, not only originated the role as a child, but also sang back-up on "Toy Soldiers" by Martika[!!]) with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Behold:

The GH:NS ads:

Versus everyone's favorite Ghost Whisperer:

I mean, it's fairly obvious that J Lo Hew's got  Kimberly McCullough locked away in a cage in a mine shaft while she takes over her life so as to enact some terrible revenge because they're secretly twins who've been kept apart their whole lives and J Lo Hew is tired of people coming up to her and a) asking her about Bailey b) asking if she can tell their dead grandmother hello c) starting sentences with the phrase, "well, I don't know about you, but I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT...."

Frankly, I can't believe no one has caught onto this yet, but I just hope J Lo Hew will find herself so busy with wig wrangling when the next season of Ghost Whisperer goes into production that she lets poor Kimberly out.

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