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July 13, 2007

Fugee Fugffer

It was nice to see Dedee Pfeiffer come out of the woodwork to celebrate her sister Michelle's return to the big screen. It's more than hubby David E. Kelley managed. Although maybe he was buried at home under piles of Boston Legal scripts hand-scribbled on yellow legal paper with "Mr. and Mr. James Spader" written in the margins and then crossed out and tear-stained, or perhaps he was too tired from trying to create a soundtrack to his own life that would add record-scratches at all shocking, amusing, poignant, slapstick, or furious moments. We'll never know.

[Okay, just kidding, apparently we do know -- he was there and I seriously just COMPLETELY missed him in all the pictures, which I guess is what you get for having a hot wife, although there are other advantages. Like her hotness.]

Anyhoo, Dedee Pfeiffer looks cute, right?

I love those boots -- very sexy. And the dress is simple but flattering, somehow both fun and young yet still age-appropriate.

Oh, except... yeah, this is where David E.'s beloved record scratch comes into play.

[Photos by Daily Celeb.]

It's all very Lindsay Lohan At The Nadir Of Her Association With Rachel Zoe. And while I must commend her on managing to look perky of breast without any underwire in sight -- and we have a pretty good view, so I'm confident she's not sneaking any in there anywhere -- I'm not really sure Dedee intended to look like she's poaching style tips from a self-satisfied, spelling-challenged, rehabbing hellion with crappy taste in men and a declining career. (By whom I mean Lindsay again, as it occurs to me that could refer to kind of a lot of people in this town.)

Also, is it just me, or does the back look like The Infinite Dress -- you know, the one you can buy off the TV and turn into like 80 different styles with a few simple twists? This might be a golden opportunity for the Infinite Dress people to package their garment with a pound of boob tape and some deep conditioner (for the Manpunzel in your life). Get with the program, Infinite Dress. You need all the help you can get.

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