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July 20, 2007

How I Fugged Your Mother

Regular readers may be aware of my mad, powerful love for How I Met Your Mother. When it was rumored that the show might not be returning this fall, I felt myself turning into one of those people who rents a plane and circles CBS, dragging a banner that says, like, "Les Moonves Eats Babies." I was even wondering if I could somehow appeal to Julie Chen to intervene. I don't know Julie Chen, of course -- although I spend many summer nights with her, thanks to my shameful Big Brother addiction -- but she seems reasonable. Thank God, the show is back on the air, and I don't have to turn into some sort of wild-haired, plane-flying fanatic. I can just be my usual dirty-haired, lay-about fanatic. ANYHOODLE, the point being, HIMYM is really good, and one of the best parts of it is the wardrobe they've given Alyson Hannigan's character, Lily.  She is always wearing some great little dress I need to have in my closet. So it wasn't a shock to the system to see her out and about in this:

I think it's vintage -- she's attending the opening of a vintage store in Los Angeles, and it's lovely. And I NEED her shoes. But...what's up with the hair? Heavy, spiky, uneven bangs might work on....huh. I'm drawing a blank. I'm sure they work on someone. But they make most of us look like we got gum in our bangs, and this -- along with a lot of  heavy sighing, and some scolding -- is what happened after our mom found out.

I was also concerned that that was, somehow, the front side of a terribly misguided bowl cut, but thank god, that's not the case:

I am, however, worried that those earrings are going to stretch her earlobes out until reconstructive surgery is required.

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