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July 02, 2007

The Fugdge 2

I'm always pleased to see Sarah Michelle Gellar out and about, because I like her, despite not having seen any film she's been part of since 1999's fabulously nasty Cruel Intentions. Apparently, my warm feelings for that, her awesome years as the original Kendall on All My Children (she should play the bitch as often as she can) and some of the great years of Buffy carried far enough that I can ignore all the Scooby Doo disasters and all those horror/thriller flicks. She's a good actress, so I'm glad people still pay her; I just wish someone would hire her to be in something I actually want to watch. Wouldn't she be good on Heroes? I mean, I'm sure she'd also be good on, say, One Tree Hill -- and part of me DOES think that show desperately needs Madam Smidge to grab Chad Michael Murray's head and use it to scrub her shoes to a blinding polish -- but I'd rather she was rocking Peter Petrelli's world with her fantastic hair and wicked powers.

I say "wicked," because although our Smidge is great at dark humor and heroism, clearly some dark force is at work on her wardrobe. Although I covet those shoes deeply, I cannot say the same for the satin Bermuda shorts she's sporting with that corset. It looks like she's trying to design a formal outfit for a desert explorer. Perhaps she's sick of her career and wants to get a job costuming The Mummy 3: Brendan Fraser Pays The Mortgage. But she might want to consider that most desert explorers might find it a tad impractical to tote the kind of industrial-strength travel streamer you'd need to get out all those shabby wrinkles. Not everyone has Bill Pullman, John Candy, and an android Joan Rivers to lug around her trunks, though the world might be a better place if we did. I'd certainly be more cheerful.

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