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July 30, 2007

Kate Fuga

The makers of Kate Mara's dress would like to apologize to Ms. Mara, to the fans, and to the fine people at the premiere of Stardust: The Movie With Tons Of Famous People In It Like Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro, Yet Which Somehow I Had No Idea Was Even Being Made. See, time was running low and the bodice just wasn't staying up and some nipple was slipping and it was just all going totally haywire, so they were forced to admit defeat and blinker the headlights and skulk home to drown in a case of Jose Cuervo. They deeply regret any cognitive distress their strange surrender may have caused you, the viewer, and even MORE deeply regret the fact that they did not concede the fight with enough time left to sell the space on that ribbon to a lucky advertiser.

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