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July 09, 2007

Random Fug: Daphne Guinness

My old pal Google tells me that Daphne Guinness' name is not just a coincidence, and she is in fact a beer heiress. Lucky girl. If I were a beer heiress I would totally make up business cards for myself and pass them out to everyone I met, because that's the best title I can think of (alongside that Banana Republic pants campaign where they made fake newspaper headlines about trends that included the words, "Chief Pants Officer") and I would want to brag.

Evidently, Daphne has a history of incredibly kooky, colorful personal style that, for me, verges on masterfully insane. She has an ensemble for every part she could possibly play in the Las Vegas Showgirl Circus, and if we cloned her and opened that very show with all of them, that would be one hell of an evening.

Perhaps Cruella De Vil could emcee.

Suggestion for Sienna Miller: THIS crazy makeup would actually look better than what you were wearing. So consider making Blow The Froth Off A Couple Cold Ones: The Daphne Guinness Story your next biopic. You could totally pass, and it'd give you a chance to try out fingerless gloves and 1,000 rings for yourself, which I'm sure you're dying to try and pull off.

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