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July 03, 2007

Well Played (Mostly), Potter Girls

EMMA: Well. Nice to see you've upped your game, Katie.

KATIE: Somebody had to give you a run for your money, and it wasn't going to be Rupert.

EMMA: Pity you copied my shoes, though.

KATIE: At least mine aren't dyed to match. Lucky for you, no one can tell in this light. Try to stay out of direct sun, though.

EMMA: I suppose I'm happy for you that you look so nice. After all, it's not like you have a very important part in any of this from now on.

KATIE: Which is fine with me. If being the lead actress means I'm wearing... what are those? Armpit bracelets? -- then I think I'm fine with being a supporting player.

EMMA: I'm being progressive. I play the best witch in the school. I've got to be daring.

KATIE: With armpit bracelets? Do they time-release some deodorant?

EMMA: Nah. I tried, but it turns out my wand is only a prop.

KATIE: Oh well. Listen, other than that, you actually do look rather pretty. You almost make them work.

EMMA: You're a peach, Katie. Thanks. We ARE kind of adorable.

KATIE: Should we go torture Daniel about his pecs?

EMMA: I'll give you 20 quid if you can convince him to unbutton his shirt to his navel.

KATIE: Easy money. You're on.

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