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August 23, 2007

Desperate Housefugs

Let's get one thing straight. Teri Hatcher looks great in this dress:

But there's on thing that doesn't look good on even the dishiest man or woman, and that's a cloak of desperation, a fact that T Hatch kindly illustrated for us, using director Rod Lurie as her object of needy desire. To wit:  Please Let Me Nuzzle You, a drama in four acts:


TERI: I'm so happy to be here! I might have drank -- drunk? drinked? dranken? Whatever -- an entire bottle of Chambord this afternoon while watching season one of The Closer and crying.

ROD: Teri smells like Kir Royales. I'm just going to pose for this picture and then make my escape.

TERI: Rod, wasn't I AMAZZZZING on Commander in Chief?

ROD: That was Geena Da -- never mind. Yes. You were great.

TERI: I'M GONNA KISS YOU NOW. Just a leeeeetle kissy-poo.

ROD: Oh, god. She's going to kiss me. How I am supposed to get out of this? Let's try denial.


ROD: Okay, I'm going to pretend this isn't happening. Look, the side of that building is just fascinating.


ROD: Oh, fine. My wife is going to kill me.

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