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August 31, 2007


DONALD: Nice to see you, Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH: Thank you, Big D! You look well. I haven't seen you since we did Fierce People.

DONALD: That old thing? Goodness! You look terrific, though -- you've really grown up nicely.

ELIZABETH: It was only two years ago.

DONALD: Marvelous outfit. It's very... confusing, actually... sorry, I just have to squint...

ELIZABETH: Hey, D, we should guest-star on 24!

DONALD: You know, I think this is where I'd make a weed/Weeds joke, but my vision is getting blurry.

ELIZABETH: It'd be so great! RATINGS, Donald! And Emmys!

DONALD: I want to focus on this conversation but that thing is starting to give me a wicked migraine. So much zigging. And zagging. Who made that? Charlie Brown?

ELIZABETH: You could play Kiefer's OTHER DAD! And I'm your trophy wife! OH, COME ON!

DONALD: I think your dress is actually making my heart upset. I see it and I hear machines beeping.

ELIZABETH: Oh. Well, tell Kiefer I said hello. And if he needs a love interest... RROWR!

DONALD: I have to look away from you now.

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