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August 20, 2007

Fugliette and the Licks

I don't know what Juliette Lewis has done to make me think, when first catching a glimpse of this photo, "did Bret Michaels dye his hair?", but it's either incredibly right or very, very wrong:

I particularly enjoy the Brooch As Navel accoutrement, which, admittedly, Bret Michaels would never wear, as I imagine he doesn't think much about accessorizing his navel through his shirt.  He's too busy thinking about roses, thorns, and how it's impossible to have one without the other, but that, despite the thorns, it ain't nothing but a good time. I also should have know this was NOT Bret Michaels, as he -- as I've learned from watching Rock of Love -- is never without a cowboy hat, a bandanna, a bandanna AND a cowboy hat, or similar headgear.

Oh, wait:

Nope, too over the top. Although this will come in handy when Juliette leaves rock 'n' roll to return to acting, in a role written just for her. Namely, as the wackiest member of a drum line in a gross-out college comedy about marching bands called Don't Rain On My Parade.  Her unrequited love for the dreamy drum major will provide the appropriate amount of pathos for the film, and the final moments, when she at last finds happiness in the arms of the mascot, will provide the heart.

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