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August 30, 2007

Fugmere Mafia

So, we don't fug people in costume TOO often, primarily because, you know, they're IN COSTUME. And so I would like, first and foremost, to point out that Lucy Liu is not personally to be blamed for the fact that her character in Cashmere Mafia apparently dresses like Carrie Bradshaw if she were forced to lead a Girl Scout troop camping trip ("I got to wondering," she'd say. "Is bird watching all that different from boy watching? Are these little campers learning skills that will eventually serve them well in pitching tents of a different kind? And in an apartment across town, Miranda was doing something humiliating."). 

[Photo: Splash News]

And while I hold out hope that this costume is from, say, a dream sequence, that hope is small and sad indeed. For do you see the bright pink head bobbing behind La Liu? It is attached to the body of Pat "I Dressed Carrie Bradshaw in Those Hotpants, and You LOVED IT" Field, who is indeed doing the clothes for this show. On one hand, this news is horrifying. If knee socks and sandals become the giant flower pin of 2008, we will be more than alarmed. On the other hand, would Sex and the City have been nearly as fun if the outfits hadn't ranged from Amazing to Amazingly Terrible often in the course of one conversation? Probably not. So consider my judgment officially withheld.

Except on this outfit. This outfit is terrible.

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