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August 02, 2007

Full Fug/Well Played: Mary-Kate Olsen

I have a couple of questions about Mary-Kate Olsen's look here. 1) Is that a man's Hanes tee shirt, or one of the super expensive tee shirts from her fashion line, The Row? 2) If it IS one of the super expensive tee shirts from The Row, why does it look so much like a man's Hanes tee shirt? 3) The crucifix is very classic Madonna, and I can't dock a girl for that, can I? 4) While I'd never expect to see M-K show up somewhere in a frilly party dress -- and don't want to. It's not her style -- and I'm pleased that she's showing some skin and not draped in pile of fluttering robes, will we ever see her legs, do you think?

The final question is mostly rhetorical:

5) Seriously, how cute is she when she smiles? I don't know if I've seen a picture where M-K looked this happy since...well, practically ever.  Now, everyone knows I'm not a huge fan of Heidi Milkmaid Braids, but her make-up is fabulous and she looks healthy and happy and it's all rather refreshing, no? Here's hoping she banishes the old pouty duck face expression and harsh lipstick for good.

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