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August 29, 2007

High Fug Musical

I totally get the Zac Efron thing. He's charming and non-threatening and when he takes you out for movies and a milkshake, he's not going to do anything scary like try and touch your boob. He's perfect for the 14-year old girls of the world. In fact, he would have appealed mightily to me when I as 14, especially in his Members Only jacket and overall Maxwell Caulfield disguise here:

[Photo: INF Daily]

He's seriously about to burst into song and then drive his motorcycle off a cliff, only to reappear at a celebratory luau to make out with Michelle Pfeiffer. And, frankly, isn't it about time we re-made Grease 2? We know the kid can sing. Stick him in there, give M. Pfeif her old part back (her plastic surgery is really good), and just wait for the box office magic.

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