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August 31, 2007

Fugary Quinto

I seriously stared at this picture for hours today. It was hypnotic.

The stupid shriveled fake logo shirt painted onto a Fruit of the Loom 3-for-$10 special chapped my hide. I glared at it until I saw double, yet still I drew a blank and could only roll my eyes and go, "What the hell? Whatever, Zachary. I love you on Heroes, but just because you slice open people's skulls during your day job and possibly feast upon but certainly misappropriate their brains does NOT mean that you can do this and I'll be too scared to say anything. Also, you wouldn't want my brain. It would make for a really unsatisfying meal -- more of a light snack, really, or an amuse-bouche. So stop looking at me like that. For real. Stop. It kind of freaks me out. Come on, it's a REALLY dumb shirt, you know this. Why are you... Okay, fine. You know what? You can have my brain. Take it. I barely use it anyway. Take the goddamn thing. Whatever it takes for you snap out of the weird zombie thing and go put on a sweater."

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, assume it's because Mr. Quinto shrugged his shoulders and came by my house to collect. But I'll make sure he gives me a bunch of spoilers before he does. It's the least he can do before a bloody lobotomy.

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