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August 21, 2007

If You Think I'm Fugly

There's something to be said for rocking it out and having a good time, even if you're wearing something incredibly ridiculous, a la Kim Stewart and her Sister I Didn't Know Existed Probably Because She's Not Hanging Out at Kitson All the Time Since I Think She Lives In England:

[Photo: Splash News]


RUBY S: TOTALLY WHEEEE! God, I'm glad we had those last six shots.

KIM: WHEE! My turquoise tights are sort of cute, right?! I KNEW IT! WHEEEEEEEEE!

RUBY: I can't believe you talked me into short shortie over-alls and these boots! WHEE!

KIM: It's all part of my evil plan to look better by surrounding myself with people in outfits worse than mine. WHEE!

RUBY: What did you call these boots, again?  Whee!?


RUBY: Wait. That's really mean, Kim. Why would you do that to me?

KIM: Oh, Ruby, don't be such a cranky-puss. We're having fun, remember? WHEEEE!

RUBY: No. No whee. You brainwashed me. People totally are NOT wearing shortie short overalls and tights and cankle makers in Los Angeles right now, are they?

KIM: I'm sure SOMEONE is. Come on! We're having so much fun!

RUBY: This is why I don't hang out with you.

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