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September 13, 2007


I have a problem. I am totally unable to tell Brooke Burns and Brooke Burke apart. I know this one dated Bruce Willis (or someone like him) for a while and was briefly engaged (or something) to him. I also know that she once broke her neck (ouch) driving into her pool (whoops) and had to wear a bedazzled neck brace around town (fancy!).  It's too bad she's not wearing it now, to distract me from this:

She looks like the owner of  one of those boutiques specializing in incense, essential oils, and charts of your chakras that you secretly kind of enjoy, except for how it aggravates your allergies and she's always trying to make you buy a crate of Ayurvedic herbal teas when you've just come in to buy one of those candles that's supposed to bring you good luck. Which is great if you do own a boutique that specializes in incense, essential oils, charts of your chakras and good luck candles, but not so great if you're trying to differentiate yourself from that chick who married (or something) David Charvet.

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